Monday, 3.00pm – 6.00pm
Thursday, 3.00pm – 6.00pm
Friday, 4.00pm – 6.00pm
ISH Level 2
Mdm Neo Lay Kheng
Mr Yan Wei
Mdm Yee Bijao



  1. Participated in North Zone Inter-School Tournaments
  2. Yishun Town Secondary School Invitational Table Tennis Championships 2014
  3. Second Placing for the C Division Team &
  4. Third Placing for the B Division Team

Highlight(s) of Activities

  1. Students can choose to participate in a wide range of diverse and meaningful activities:
    • North Zone Inter-School Competitions
    • Intra-School / Friendly Matches
    • Umpiring at external Table Tennis events
    • VIA projects


CCA Description

  1. Our table tennis teams continue to put in their best efforts when participating in intense competitions at the Zonal levels. The coaches and players enjoy a close working relationship which makes every training session tough but enjoyable.
  2. Members of the CCA are nurtured both physically and mentally to fulfil their potential.
  3. Members are dedicated and enthusiastic towards the game, and have excellent discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship

CCA Objectives

  1. To cultivate a sense of appreciation and passion for sports in general and table tennis in particular, supporting a vibrant sports culture.
  2. To build character rooted in sound moral values like sportsmanship, and instilling a sense of discipline and responsibility.
  3. To develop leadership qualities, nurturing resilient and confident individuals as they compete in intra and inter school games competition.