Monday, 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Wednesday, 3.30pm – 6.30pm
School Hall
Mr Leow Xiang Poo
Ms Ng Bi Ru



  • 2015 – Choo Yan Qi 4th in Nan Dao ‘B’ Boys and 7th in Nan Quan ‘B’ Boys
  • 2015 – Tan Yu Jia 7th in Nan Dao ‘B’ Girls and 8th Nan Quan ‘B’ Girls
  • 2014 – Tan Yu Jia 6th in Nanquan (1st Intl) ‘B’ Girls
  • 2014 – Choo Yan Qi 7th in Nan Dao ‘B’ Boys

Highlight(s) of Activities

  1. Annual National Inter-School Wushu Championships
  2. School Performance, e.g. Chinese New Year Concert etc.
  3. Public Performance, e.g. Sengkang Riverside Park & Anchorvale CC etc.
  4. Enrichment camps and workshops
  5. Teambonding sessions and activities, e.g. sports and outings etc
  6. Cultural exchange with visiting schools


CCA Description

Wushu (武术), a form of modern Chinese martial arts, is a system of fighting techniques. It mainly takes the form of routine exercises and free sparring.
Wushu routines are categorized into two styles, barehand or weapon-play. It incorporates kicking, punching, throwing, seizing and joint lock techniques into set routine exercises, involving various combinations of offense and defense. Every movement must exhibit sensible combat application and aestheticism in Wushu.
Through Wushu, the individual becomes stronger, healthier and allows one to understand and learn more about the Chinese culture. Our trainings aim to improve agility, confidence, determination, endurance, perseverance, team work as well as provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills.

CCA Objectives

  1. To understand the rich heritage and evolvement of Chinese martial arts, Wushu.
  2. To learn and train the art of Wushu with passion.
  3. To develop effective Wushu athletes through quality training.
  4. To present an elemental exposure to competition formats and regulations.