Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking time off your busy schedules to attend our Secondary 2 Streaming Talk, we hope you found the information provided during the sharing session useful.

For more information on subject combination matters or for advice, please contact the respective Head Of Departments;

– HOD MATHS : Mdm Khaw Hwee Mun ([email protected])
– HOD SCIENCE : Mdm Ng Mui Hoon ([email protected])
– HOD ENGLISH : Mdm Anna Yap ([email protected])
– HOD HUMANITIES : MR Seah ([email protected])
– HOD AESTHETICS : MS Jane Hoe ([email protected])
– HOD STUDENT MANAGEMENT : Mr Dalvey Neo ([email protected])
– HOD PHYSICAL EDUCATION / CCA : Mr Yeo Yew Yeong ([email protected])
– EDUCATION & CAREER GUIDANCE OFFICER : Ms Lum Lai Ling Nicole ([email protected])

For parents who are unable to attend, a live telecast of the talk can be found below

A copy of the slides could also be found below (Available automatically at the end of the presentation)