Students who require financial assistance are invited to apply for the Chettiars Temple Society Bursary award.

All Applicants must meet the following criteria :
· Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
· Monthly Household Per Capita Income must not exceed $$2,000.
· Not receiving any other form of financial assistance/awards
· Full-time student in government school
· A monthly (net) Per Capita Household Income (PCI) of $2000 or below.
· Not receiving any other form of financial assistance – such as HOPE (Home Ownership PLUS Education) Scheme; School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF); MOE/School/SHG financial assistance; etc.

Award Amount
– Scholarship $350
– Bursary – $300

If you are interested in applying for this bursary , please click here to print and complete the application forms below (with supporting documents) and submit it to Ms Cheryl Loh / Your FTs by 8th November