Dear Secondary 2 NCzens & Parents,

The Secondary 2 Streaming Exercise would take place on 25th October 2018, 13:00 till 29th October 2018,  17:00. 

Students are reminded that you will need to login using your NCHS Google Account to complete the streaming exercise.

If you have forgotten your password, please proceed to the General Office by 29th October 2018 12 NOON.

The Streaming results will be released on 5th November 2018 from 10AM onwards via your NCHS Email*.

If you wish to appeal against the streaming results, please print & submit the appeal application form which can be found in the email containing your streaming results.

The printed , signed and completed application form must reach Nan Chiau High School General Office by 8th November 2018 17:00. For appeals , no electronic submission is allowed.  Regretfully we would not be able to accept any late submissions.

Results of Appeals will be made known to candidates via email on November 13th 2018

Your Secondary 3 Class Allocation would be made known to you on 26th December 10:00 via your NCHS Email*.

For assistance, please contact Nan Chiau High School at +65 6489 7971 ext 174/128 during office hours.

Foot Notes 

* We are unable to release the information contained in the email via phone call etc.
    • In cases if students are unable to login to their NCHS email accounts, They are required to personally  proceed to the general office during office hours to request for a password reset.
    • Alternatively , they may also request for a print out of the Streaming Results from the General Office

Common Technical Questions 

While accessing the streaming portal, you may encounter the following error message,In such cases students are advised to perform the following steps

1) Use Google Chrome

2) Clear your browser cache (Click here for instructions)  and try again
3) If step 2 does not resolve your issue , please use Google Chrome Icognito Mode on your web browser (Click here for instructions) 

4) If problem persist , please send an email to & indicate your Full Name , Contact Number & issues faced.