Dear Parents/Guardians,

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, schools have implemented a strict regime of precautionary measures to keep our students safe. To better support safe distancing, our schools will progressively transit to a blended learning model, while continuing to remain open.

From 2 Apr, NCHS will introduce one day a week of HBL on every Thursday.

This allows students and parents to be better prepared for more days of HBL, should the situation call for it.

MOE has further enhanced our precautionary measures to include staggered dismissal times and continued suspension of CCAs for the rest of Term 2.

Please find the attached letter for the detailed instructions. We seek your support to guide our children through this together, and remind them to practise good personal hygiene at home. Keep them safe by encouraging them to head home immediately after school. 

Thank you and stay safe.
Ms Siau Fong Fui
Nan Chiau High School