Dear NCzens,

Well done for getting through the first week of Full HBL!  Within this very short span of time, all of us, i.e. staff and students had to learn new tools and condition ourselves to the new norms required of us. This process was testing, but we have truly risen above the circumstances. 

Home-based learning (HBL) cannot match the rich experience of our face-to-face lessons in school which we have all previously taken for granted, and at this juncture, the school staff is constantly learning to adjust to HBL, and so are you. It is important for you to have a positive and purposeful HBL experience as you learn to become a responsible self-directed learner, especially when we have limited opportunities to speak to you and encourage you like we would on normal school days.

Starting from now, we have created an automated Google form for you to submit your questions directly to your subject teachers. This would allow our teachers to clarify and address your learning gaps in subsequent ‘live’ lessons or adjust the online work accordingly, if the need arises.

This submission is easy and straightforward:

  • Once you submit the form (, it will automatically send the question/s to your teacher/s.
  • You may also choose to use the attached QR code.

Let’s continue to keep to our routine, pace ourselves well and build our self-discipline as we strive on for a few more weeks of HBL.  In the meantime, while I continue to work in my office with a very lean team in school every day, I know all of you and staff members are also working very hard from home. I look forward to meet all of you back in school very soon.

Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy!

Best regards,