In light of the impact that the extended CB period has on curriculum time and to further allay students’ concerns and anxiety about catching up with the curriculum, the Common Last Topics (CLT) will be removed from the national examinations this year. The CLT is a set of topics from a syllabus identified by MOE that would be taught last by all schools towards the end of the academic year. Examples of CLT to be removed include “Interactions within the Environment” for PSLE Science, Vectors for O-level Mathematics and “Introduction to the Chemistry of Transition Elements” for A-level H2 Chemistry. The CLT provides MOE and SEAB with the flexibility of reducing the scope covered in national examinations should an unforeseen situation occur that does not allow schools to complete their teaching for the graduating cohorts. The CLT will still be taught, but not be examinable.

For skill-based subjects such as English Language and MTL, it will not be meaningful and practical to identify CLTs. In such instances, SEAB will take the disruption to curriculum time into consideration during marking and grading to ensure that all students are fairly assessed.

Even with the adjustments to national examinations, MOE recognises that students in graduating cohorts will continue to face some anxiety. We will look to phase in more consultations for these students, and explore more face-to-face lessons, when the national situation improves.

For non-graduating students, similar measures will be adopted at the school level to help students cope with the reduced curriculum time and the demand of the year-end school-based examinations. MOE will provide further guidance to schools in due course on how such adjustments can be made.

MOE will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and provide the necessary support to our schools, educators and students. Parents are strongly encouraged to keep their children at home during this period.

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