19 June 2020

Dear Sec 1 and 2 NCzens,

Hope you are settling well for Term 3.

Phase 2 – Safe Transition begins today. I know many of us have been eagerly waiting for this, but there is no need to rush to go out. Do not linger outside but stay home where possible. So please keep your guard up, and continue to keep safe and stay healthy. The more we play ball, the more normalcy we can slowly resume.

Please receive your time-table and planned lessons for next week which we will be running the Odd Week Timetable. Here are the reminders for your action on every school day:

(1) 7.30am: Students will check in and report the daily temperature via the application online (https://ems.itshafiz.com);

(2) 7.45am: ME-Time (Live-stream via School Website and FaceBook Page);

(3) 8.00am: Full Home Based Learning; students will follow daily class time-table schedule;

(4) Daily ‘Live’ Lesson (via Google Meet / Classkick): 9 – 10am and/or 11am – 12pm (except MSP and CL Lit lessons); and

(5) Additional consultation: email / WhatsApp your subject teachers for clarification if needed.

See all of you back in school on 29 June, Monday, with your upper secondary seniors. 我们家终于可以大团圆了。

Best regards,


Click here for Secondary 1 HBL Time Table

Click here for Secondary 2 HBL Time Table