Aesthetically Ingrained NCzens



Aesthetics As a Way of Life



  1. Ms Jane Hoe (HOD)
  2. Mdm Angie Ngo (Art Co-ordinator)
  3. Mr Johnson Ong (Art)
  4. Miss Rafiqah Dewi Bte Aziz (Art)
  5. Miss Song Song I (Art)
  6. Mr Teo Boon Heng (D&T Co-ordinator)
  7. Mr Lee Heng Leong (D&T)
  8. Mr Tan Han Wen (D&T)
  9. Mr Kamel (D&T)
  10. Miss Li Peijie (Music Co-ordinator)
  11. Mrs Koh Sharlene (F&N)
  12. Ms Juliette Wong (F&N)
  13. Mrs Chew Shao Yen (F&N)


  1. Two Sec 4 Graduation Artefacts were shortlisted Tan Kah Yee Young Inventors Award 2014
  2. Ooi Qiu Min (4G,2013) – Awarded Certificate of Recognition & artwork was selected to be exhibited at LaSalle College of the Arts, artwork titled: East meets West.
  3. Gan Li Cheng (2H, 2014), Tay Jing Sy (2B, 2014) and Chiw Suan Hui, Claira (2B, 2014) – Collaborated Artwork was selected to be displayed at Academy of Singapore Teachers, artwork titled: This-Engaged?
  4. Ng Soar Z (1E,2014) – Awarded Consolation Prize for 8th National Junior Watercolour On-the-Sport Competition


Beyond Classroom Programmes

  • Signature programme:  Enhanced Art Programme
  • Revamped Art and D&T programmes
  • D&T Talent Programme for Lower Secondary
  • Music Composition Module (Secondary 1: Xinyao, Secondary 2: National Song)
  • Integrated Arts Module
  • Aesthetics Week
  • Learning Journeys to Red Dot Museum, Esplanade and Singapore Art Museum
  • Art, D&T and Music workshops for Upper Secondary classes

Arts Education @ NCHS

Express novel ideas into action through the arts forms
(eg, compose ‘Xinyao’ songs by all Sec 1EXp students during curriculum time, script writing by selected Sec 2 students)

Communicate concepts, thoughts and feeling through the arts
(eg, Art & Music projects, NC Talent Quest)

Engage students in the arts through various platforms
(eg, Art & Music curriculum time, school based & external arts performances, Arts CCAS practices, National & international arts competitions)

Instill passion, awareness, appreciation for the arts among the student population
(eg, Artist talk, Aesthetics WeeK, Assembly performances by external arts groups endorsed by NAC, Art and Music learning journey to art exhibitions, Esplanade, Batik workshop for all Sec 2 classes during their NE trip to Malacca, watching of play “Ba Ba Yao” organized by MT Dept for CL students)