Wednesday, 3.15pm – 6.15pm
IT Resource Room 3
Mdm Shahnaaz Sidik
Ms Michelle Yeong Xin Yi



1. Participation, Division II – Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championships (SSSDC) 2009-2018
2. Quarter Finalists, Division II – SSSDC 2016
3. SSSDC Top 20 Best Speaker 2019 – Shannon Toh Ying En
4. Quarter Finalists, Debate Association Singapore (DAS) Championship, 2019
5. Participation Singapore American School Novice Debate Cup, 2018
6. Top 10 speakers – PassionArts Debate Shield 2016
7. Champion, Secondary 3 School Debatefest organised by Sengkang Secondary School, 2013
8. Participation, Raffles U-14 Championships (2012-2015)
9. Organiser, NCHS Debate Invitational Competition (2013 – 2015)

Highlight(s) of Activities

Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Championships (Division II)
Debate Association Singapore (DAS) Championship
Singapore American School Novice Cup
Hua Yi Secondary Debate Invitational


CCA Description

The Debate team believes in providing opportunities for our members to articulate their thoughts and feelings critically with one another. We believe that interest and passion outweigh expertise, and we welcome all students who are looking for a warm and familial environment where they can develop their love for debate, grow into confident speakers, or even just to get to know some of the wittiest students in the school.

CCA Objectives

1. To help students to develop a greater understanding of self and others
2. To develop self-discipline, self-motivation and self-confidence
3. To encourage students to be critical thinkers
4. To develop students’ confidence in public speaking