Effective Leaders, Evolving Learners


All members of the department to work cohesively towards promoting the love for English and the creative application of Literary skills through consistent reading and writing.



  1. Mdm Teo Mei Chin Betsy (HOD)
  2. Ms Lim Yi Xuan Precia (Asst Year Head)
  3. Mdm Wong Chee Ai Elaine (ST/EL)
  4. Mdm S Chandraghantha
  5. Mr Fu Kaidi
  6. Ms Su Mei Lenden-Hitchcock
  7. Ms Hidayah Mohshin
  8. Ms Ng Wan Qing Jessie
  9. Mdm Pey Siew Mei
  10. Ms Priscilla Tan Bishi
  11. Ms Penny Wang Huiyu
  12. Mr Dennis Wong
  13. Mrs Tan Jie Ying


  1. Discursive Writing Workshop
  2. Speaking Enrichment Programme
  3. Values Station



This is a LangLit programme that we call English Communicative Arts. The learning of the English Language and Literature at the lower secondary level is taught by fusing language and literary arts for functional and creative purposes. Students are exposed to a wide range of texts and literary experiences to enrich their learning and widen their appreciation of different genres.


The aim of this programme is to inspire a critical appreciation of the English Language and Literature, and to cultivate a competent use in oral and written expressions in both form and function. Through this journey, it is hoped that a love of reading will be instilled in students and they become inspired and confident communicators.

Project En-ELT

NCHS was one of the seven schools in Singapore selected for the two-year collaborative pilot project with MOE’s English Language and Literature Branch, under the Curriculum Planning and Development Division. The aim of the project was to facilitate the development of reading and writing skills, as well as speaking, critical listening, critical-inventive thinking and metacognition in students.