Program Goal

FamilyMatters@School equips parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships.



FAMILYmatters@school (formally was known as School Family Education (SFE)) was introduced in April 2008 and the Family Life Centre was setup at the school foyer area. This programme is funded by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

FAMILYmatters@school adopts a holistic family learning model – equipping parents with effective parenting skills and training them to be parent facilitators, helping the school staff to enhance their family life, and providing pupils with life skills training.

The parent-child relationship has much impact on the child’s academic achievements and positive attitude / behaviour, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic / racial background or parents’ education level.

FAMILYmatters@school has been well received by parents and participating schools. Since 2002, more than 201 schools have joined the FAMILYmatters@school and more than 1.5 million people have benefited from the life-enriching programmes under FAMILYmatters@school.

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Signing Up


Nurturing A Confident Child

Saturday, January 27 (9am-12nn)

Whether going to a new school or taking up a sport for the first time, children need confidence to face overcome obstacles and achieves goals.

Parents want to instil a can-do attitude in their kids so that they’ll take on new challenges and, over time, believe in themselves. While each child is a little different, parents can follow some general guidelines to build their children’s confidence.

In this workshop, parents will learn the importance of developing their child’s self confidence and strategies to raise their self-esteem too. Parents will do a self reflection on their own confidence level and understand the impact this has on their children.

Raising Children with Character

Saturday, February 24 (8am-10am)

In an achievement-oriented society where much emphasis is placed on children’s behaviours, performance, and results, character development is often neglected. We tend to forget that the ultimate goal of parenting is not to produce ‘super-achiever’ kids, but to raise them into independent, responsible, and civic- minded adults. The latter is underpinned by a solid foundation in values or virtues that enable our children to be people of character.

While schools are paying increasingly greater attention on character education for their pupils, the responsibility for developing children’s character lies ultimately in the hands of their parents. Knowing that character is not learned overtime and cannot be outsourced, as parents, we must guide and encourage our children to become the architects of their own character building.

In this talk, you will learn the fundamental principles of character development and able to pick up some practical tips on how to develop some of the foundational virtues in your children.

My Teen’s friends – Peer Relationships & Influence

Saturday, April 21 (8am-10.30am)

Teenage years… teens can be rebellious and their friends become an important part of their lives. As parents we are concerned about our teens mixing with
the right company. This can lead to arguments and issues of teens not spending enough time with family or even picking up bad habits from friends.

This workshop will give you practical ways to talk it out with your teen and guide them through their peer relationships and influences.

Stress Alert – Helping Your Child Cope with Stress

Saturday, April 21 (10.30am-1.30pm)

Most parents naturally want their child to do well in school – to be happy, to learn and to thrive. While some children thrive in school, some others get very stressed out, especially in a competitive school environment. This stress may be from the people, school, home, or it may be from the child himself/ herself.

Stress can affect the child’s mental, emotional and academic well-being.

As parents, it is important to know how to help our child cope with stress, including exam stress. Come learn some practical tips in this informative and interactive parenting talk.

Motivating Your Child & Managing Expectations

Saturday, May 19 (9am-12nn)

Your child is special and there is much to learn about him or her. Much research has been done on the strengths-based movement and this paradigm and approach is fast catching both in schools and in the workplace. It has proven to be a good starting point for developing excellence in individuals.

This workshop seeks to help you rediscover your child and equip you with tools to develop and enhance your child’s strengths.

Topics include:
• Discovering Facts about Your Child
• Learn about Parenting Styles
• Developing a Growth Mindset for Your child
• Encouraging Your Child

Managing Teen’s Rebellion

Saturday, July 28 (9am-12nn)

Adolescence is a time when many young teens test limits – and parents’ patience. Teen’s rebellion often goes hand-in-hand with changing hormones and adolescent attitudes.

Parents who understand the changes that accompany their adolescent’s development are better equipped to handle the rebellion stage and help them spend their energy on productive activities leading to becoming self- disciplined and responsible teen.

The workshop will offer practical tips that parents can use to help their teen overcome their rebellious. Also strategies to understand their teen better and support them during their development changes.