Nan Chiau Global Classroom (GC) is to provide our students with a broader world view, hone their cultural sensitivities and abilities to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.



At Nan Chiau High School, we develop NCzens into world-ready and future-ready, with global outlook.


NC Global Classroom Curriculum provides an authentic avenue to developing students’ breadth and depth of the world around them. Different groups of students have left their footprints in different parts of the world, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia, to name a few. The curriculum has been tiered and customised to incorporate both broad-based and targeted components.


The NC Global Classroom Curriculum has provided students with ample opportunities to explore and experience the world. Global Classroom’s three domains – Bicultural, Talent Development and Service-Learning– have inculcated strong inter-cultural sensitivities, and enriched their understanding of regional development.



Programme Tiers

Tiered approach DescriptionExamples (Non-exhaustive)
Tier 1A variety of programmes are provided to expose students to different experiences which are appropriate for all students.·      Sec 2 NE and Cultural Learning Journey

·      Sec 3 Leadership Camp


Tier 2Programmes provide opportunities for students which are voluntary or invitational in nature. There are outgoing overseas trips as well as hosting of incoming school groups. These opportunities are provided to affirm their motivation, competence and commitment to their areas of strengths, interest and curiosity.Outgoing Trips

·      Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Convention (Indonesia)

·      Bicultural Study Trip (China)

·      FALCONS X Cultural Immersion and Leadership Training Trip (Taiwan)

·      Science Exchange Programme (Japan)

·      STEM Trip (China)

·      Service-Learning

·      Cultural Learning and Leadership Development (Indonesia)

·      Aesthetics Appreciation and Cultural Immersion Learning Journey (China)

·      Humanities Trip (Malaysia)

·      Literary Trip (Taiwan)


Incoming School Groups

·      Hosting of incoming school groups