Tuesday, 3.15pm – 5.15pm
Computer Lab 2
Ms Charlene Chen Ying
Ms Leow Shie Hui (Advisor)



SEC-Starhub School Green Awards Sustained Lotus Award for 5 consecutive years (2012 to 2017), Yellow Flame award (2018), Vanda Miss Joaquim (2019)

Global Youth Summit – Second place in Junior Category (2018)
National Upcycling movement – Gold Award (2018)
National Youth Envir-olympics Challenge – First place
Environmental Challenge for School – Merit (Open category) (2018)

Highlight(s) of Activities

Earth Day assembly
On-campus Biodiversity Trail
WWF eco-school
Singapore Grand Energy Challenge Minecraft Competition
YOUth for the Environment Day
Bring Your Own Lunchbox Day
e-Waste Collection Drive
NTUC Virtual Trail
Zero Waste Campaign


CCA Description

Green Club is made up of teachers and a group of motivated members who are passionate about inspiring others to co-create a sustainable and eco-friendly society.

Through the various platforms and outreach programmes, our students can actively influence their peers and schoolmates, engage their parents and neighbourhood communities to promote sound environmental behaviour.

We aim to empower our students to lead and inspire others to take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.

CCA Objectives

To promote a vibrant school community where eco-friendly practices are embraced and students are empowered to play their part for the environment.