Tuesday, 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Computer Lab 2
Leow Shie Hui
Precia Lim
Nurul Ayn Abdul Razak



1. SEC Lotus Award 2012- 2017 (Sustained)
2. SGA 2018 – Yellow Flame Award
3. Global Youth Summit 2018 – Second place (Junior)
4. Environmental Challenge for School 2015 (Third) & 2018 (Merit)
5. EcoFriend Award 2015 – Foo Yong Li
6. National upcycling Movement 2018 – Gold Award
7. National Youth EnviOlympics Challenge 2018 – First place
8. National Environmental Quiz 2013 (SAP/ IP Group Category 3rd Place)
9. Food waste recycling project at Punggol East 2017 – Most innovative booth

Highlight(s) of Activities

1. SEC School Green Award (SGA)
2. Youth for the Environment Day (YED)
3. NEA Environmental Champions (EC) Workshop
4. PUB World Water Day
5. NParks Biodiversity day
6. Starhub RENEW Programme
7. Tetra-Pak Recycling Program
8. Clean and Green School Carnival
9. Global Youth Summit
10. Maths and Science Week Green Competition
11. No Straw Day
12. Meat Free Day


CCA Description

  1. This club is for students who are passionate about making our school a greener place and to promote environmental awareness in school. Student-led activities allowed students to lead the school population and support teamwork among the club ambassadors and class green champions.

CCA Objectives

  1. To instill in students a sense of responsibility towards the environment.
  2. To develop students’ ambassadors to champion the school’s green movement.
  3. To foster leadership in all classes’ green champions to take charge of class’s green effort.