Every NCzens possesses an analytical and inquisitive mind to appreciate the world and be a responsible global citizen.



To establish NCHS Humanities Department as a leader in creating and organising challenging and robust programmes that promote the school values and mind-set for excellence.



Mr Neo Choong Wei Dalvey – Head of Department, Student Management
Mr Fu Jizheng Edwin – Subject Head History
Mdm Tan Pek Cheng – Subject Head Geography
Mr Abdul Rahim – Senior Teacher History
Mr Lim Jian Ming Gary – Teacher History/Social Studies
Ms Mak Xue Wei – Teacher History/Social Studies
Ms. Periya Sundaram – Teacher Geography/Social Studies
Ms. Tay Kai Yi Kathy – Teacher Geography/Social Studies
Ms Ng Bi Ru – Teacher History/Social Studies
Mr Tan Han Xiong – Teacher Geography/Social Studies


1. NUS Geography Challenge 2020 – Top 5 for Creative component (poster design), 2 Gold and 2 Silver for Individual component
2. NJC – E International Humanities Symposium (EIHS) 2020 – Students’ Choice Award
3. National Stamp Competition 2019 – 2 Silver, 3 Bronzes
4. NUS Geography Challenge 2019 – Honourable Mention for Creative component
5. MOE History Challenge
6. NLB Historical Scene Investigation
7. Sec 2 Johor Bahru National Education-Humanities Learning Journey
8. Overseas Humanities Learning Journey (Asia)


Contemporary Singaporean Issues Forum

The Contemporary Singaporean Issues or CSI Forum is held annually for upper secondary students in NCHS to understand the interconnectedness of Singapore and the world they live in. It also hopes to develop students as active thinkers and learners, and cultivate active citizenry.

The year’s theme for the 4th CSI Forum is “The World and I”. The Forum provides a platform for students to share their findings on the four sub-themes: Identity, Diversity, Globalisation and Sustainability

Geographical and Historical Investigations

Geographical Investigations:
1. Sec 1: Water Supply: Do household activities affect water sustainability?
2. Sec 2: Housing: What factors influence one’s sense of belonging in a housing estate?
3. Sec 3: Coasts: How do human interference affect coastal processes?
4. Sec 4: Tourism: Is Chinatown an attractive tourist destination?


Historical Investigations:
1. Sec 1: Immigrant History: How was life like in colonial Singapore?
2. Sec 2: WWII & Singapore: Should Percival be blamed for the fall of Singapore?
3. Sec 3: Visual Literacy: How to interpret History through art?