Friday – 2.30pm – 5.00pm
NCHS Library
Mdm Agnes Cheong
Mdm Pey Siew Mei
Mr Ow Leong Ann



Annual participation in NLB POSB Lit Quiz
4th place in National Chinese Creative Reading Competition 2016
Annual participation in Popular Story-telling Competition
Story-telling in public libraries

Highlight(s) of Activities

Interest-based workshops
Book Purchase
Learning Journeys
Promoting books to NCzens
Meet-the-author sessions


CCA Description

Our student librarians are reading ambassadors who are passionate about spreading a love for reading to the school community through various activities

CCA Objectives

  1. To inculcate a love of reading
  2. To develop members as critical readers so as to spread the joy and scope of reading to fellow school mates
  3. To develop confidence in reaching out to others while spreading the love of reading
  4. To develop creativity in the running of reading activities