Friday, 2.30pm – 5.00pm
D&T Room
Miss Kim Lay Tin
Mdm Lee Swee Gek



  1. 17th QiuPing Cup 2008 (Silver)
  2. Masagos Cup 2009 (Silver)
  3. Singapore Youth Wei Qi Championship 2009 (Silver)
  4. Singapore Youth Wei Qi Championship 2010 (Bronze)
  5. 19th QiuPing Cup 2010 (Bronze)
  6. QuiPing Cup National Weiqi Tournament Junior Categories 2012
  7. QuiPing Cup National Weiqi Tournament Open Categories 2012
  8. The National Youth Weiqi Championship 2014  (Group C Sec 1&2 – 4th position.

Highlight(s) of Activities

  1. Inter-class Xiangqi and Weiqi Competition  (March)
  2. Char Yang Cup Competition (March)
  3. QiuPing Cup
  4. Raffles Cup (Chinese Chess)
  5. External competitions organized by tertiary educational institutions


CCA Description

The CCA has a current strength of 41 students (Sec 1 to 3).  Members with potential are selected to take part in external competitions.

CCA Objectives

  1. To provide formal training on the playing of Chinese chess and Weiqi through professional instruction.
  2. To appreciate Chinese culture through the learning of Chinese Chess and Weiqi.
  3. To instill patience and discipline and improve one’s concentration