Friday, 2.30pm – 5.00pm
D&T Room
Miss Kim Lay Tin & Mdm Xuan Xuan



1. Jacen Ratnam from 3 Perseverance clinched the Silver Award ( Kyu Certification Level ) in THE GO ACADEMY CUP National Online Go Championship 2021
2. Tang Jie Ling from 2 Resilience represented school in 72nd National Schools Individual (Online) Chess Championship, ranked 10th Position at National Level and ranked 1st Position at North Zone.

Highlight(s) of Activities

1. Weiqi and Xiangqi Competitions
2. Weekly practices


CCA Description

Our CCA focuses on providing students with interest in these two games ( Weiqi & Xiangqi) opportunities to advance their skills under the guidance of experienced teachers.

CCA Objectives

1. To develop students’ passion in the activity.
2. To enable students to play Weiqi at recreational and competitive level.