To develop bicultural lifelong learners of the Mother Tongue language, who are able to appreciate their own arts and culture and become an active cultural transmitter.

To develop our students’ confidence and ability to express themselves in their Mother Tongue Language
To strengthen our students’ sense of cultural heritage and identity
To broaden our students’ global awareness and Bicultural perspective



Mr Oh Keng Ann

Miss Chay Chia Ling

Chinese Unit:
Mr Goh Lam Chye (HOD/SAP)
Ms Cheong Zheng Yin Agnes (SH/CCE)
Ms Chong Ka Wuei (Acting SH/SAP)
Mdm Qi Yan Ping (LT/CL)
Mdm Xuan Xuan
Miss Kim Lay Tin
Mdm Ye Bijiao
Mdm Zhang Chunyu
Ms Ivy Wong Ye Shuang
Ms Shao Linjuan
Mr Tan Jia Hao
Mr Lin Danwen

Malay Unit:
Ms Irdtiani
Mr Zulkefle Mohd Samin
Mdm Zainun B Hashim


Chinese Unit

– 金奖 (Gold Award)
– 铜奖 x2 (Bronze Award)
– 优秀奖 x2 (Merit Award)

– 首奖 (First Award)

Chinese Creative Writing with Photography 2020
– 高年级/第一名 (Upper Sec – First Prize)
– 低年级/优秀奖 (Lower Sec – Merit)

18th National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition
– 高年级/二等奖 (Upper Sec – Second Prize)

Create Your Own Newspaper Competition
– 高年级/表扬奖 (Upper Sec – Commendation Award)

National Chinese Language Challenge

Xin Kong Xia Song Writing Competition

Malay Unit
1. MSP Language and Cultural Quiz 2020
– 4th place

2. Tari Pena

(Pen Dance – Malay Writing Competition)

3. Ikan Oh Ikan

(Malay Vocabulary Competition)


Chinese Unit

1、2020 年全校阅读计划——“牵手同阅,共享书香” (Level-wide CL Reading Programme)

In the 4 years with Nan Chiau High School, students will embark on the level-wide CL reading programme, which seeks to develop their reading interest and literacy. During reading period, students will read assigned Chinese book or selected chapters. This is complemented with guided reading activities and post-reading activities.

2、文学讲座 (Chinese Literature Talk)
To complement the teaching of the revised Literature in Chinese syllabus and to improve students’ understanding and appreciation of contemporary Chinese literary work, Nan Chiau High School invites author or poet annually to conduct a literature talk. Students will get the opportunity to learn from and interact with the author or poet.

Malay Unit

Malay (Special Program) – MSP

  • Engaging learning activities – In the classroom, our MSP students actively learn and converse the Malay Language through various presentations such as show and tell, charades, friendly debates and skits.  Click here to watch an interview by Boey.
  • MSP students also perform authentic learning tasks to make learning more relevant and meaningful.  This includes
  • drawing their own family tree in Malay language and making Hari Raya cards
  • writing and producing songs in Malay as their MSP project.  Click here to hear Shawn’s original song.
  • reading recipe in Malay to make their own traditional onde-onde kuih and its fusion version onde-onde cupcake in groups
  • Experiencing the Malay culture – our MSP students participates in hands-on cultural activities such as Wayang Kulit and Jawi Calligraphy.
  • Students are brought closer to the Malay community and have opportunities to use the language in the real-world and have a first-hand experience of the Malay culture.  In Singapore, students help with iftar preparation at the nearby mosque.  Click here to look at the VIA (iftar at the mosque). Overseas, students interact with the locals and students in Malay while experiencing new cultures.  Click here to look at our students’ stint at Jogjakarta.


Malay Cultural Program

Secondary 2 students get to have hands-on experience with Silat, Kompang and Angklung.  Students learn basic Silat moves and self-defence techniques.  Also, students get to play traditional Malay songs using the Kompang and Angklung.  These activities complement the MSP curriculum for the MSP students as it allows them to have hands-on experience before learning the themes in the Textbooks.  Click here to view our students in action.