Friday, 2.30pm – 6.30pm
Parade Square
Mr Dennis Wong
Mr Edwin Lum Yik Long
Mr Gan Sze Fong
Mr Yuen Wen Jun



Our Best Unit Competition (BUC) Achievements

  • 2013 – GOLD
  • 2012 – GOLD
  • 2011 – GOLD
  • 2010 – GOLD

Our Other Achievements

  • Overall Outstanding Cadet (Central District)
  • Specialist Course 2010
  • 2SG Muhammad Hazik Bin Jasni
  • Platoon Best (Central District)
  • Specialist Course 2010
  • 2SG Javier Han Zong Tao

Highlight(s) of Activities

Junior Cadets (Secondary 1)

  • Affirmation Ceremony
  • Total Defence Badge (Bronze)
  • Camp FORGE (including Technical Handling for SAR21)
  • Basic Survival Programme
  • Proficiency Test
  • 1-star Kayaking Certification Course
  • Signature Program (Combat Skirmish)*

Senior Cadets (Secondary 2)

  • Proficiency Badge Test
  • Total Defence Badge (Silver)
  • Camp STEEL
  • 2-star Kayaking Certification Course
  • Orienteering Badge Test
  • Technical Handling & Individual Marksmanship Training (SAR21)
  • Precision Drills Course
  • Freestyle Drills Course
  • Basic First Aid Course
  • Orienteering Competition
  • Shooting Competition (IMT)
  • Signature Program (NCC NCHS Survival Course)*

Cadet Leaders and Senior Cadet Leaders (Secondary 3, 4 & 5)

  • Specialist Course
  • Senior Specialist Course
  • Total Defence Badge Test (Gold)
  • Technical Handling, Individual Marksmanship Training and Live Range (SAR21)
  • Mount Ophir Adventure Programme
  • Annual Kayaking Expedition
  • Advanced Drills Course
  • Precision Drills Instructor Course
  • Freestyle Drills Instructor Course
  • Shooting Competition (Live Range)
  • International Cadet Exchange Programmes
  • National Day Parade
  • Basic Diving Course
  • Basic Airborne Course
  • Cadet Officer Course
  • International Cadet Exchange Program (ICEP) – selected student


CCA Description

  1. The Singapore National Cadet Corps is a world-class organization that nurtures responsible, resilient and resourceful cadets to become successful citizens. We are thinking and learning team driven by our Core Values.

CCA Objectives

Loyalty To Country
Loyalty to and love for country must be deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of all cadets; these are imbued in the cadets by way of their commitment to serve the nation through maintenance of high discipline and training standards.

Exemplary conduct together with strong moral strength to differentiate right from wrong; honesty and truthfulness in carrying out duties with full responsibility.

Role modelling and influencing fellow-cadets to aspire to their highest potential both academically and in NCC training and activities; leadership by example and through involvement with peers and subordinates.

Timely execution of tasks that have to be done, even though they are difficult and painful, and doing them to the best of one’s ability; self-discipline that produces mental and physical toughness and strength.

Commitment & Responsibility
Taking training seriously and aspire to benefit optimally from the experiences; show of dedication and pride to the corps.

Care For Fellow Cadets
Genuine concern for the well-being of fellow cadets during and outside training; this care and concern will facilitate esprit de corps and maintain a high level of morale and cohesiveness in the NCC.

Adventurous Spirit
The spirit, daring and passion to venture into the unknown, and explore the undiscovered and unchallenged realms; this adventurous spirit would widen the perspective and outlook of our cadets.