Friday, 2.30pm – 6.30pm
Parade Square
Mr Dennis Wong
Mr Liow Kwok Bin
Mr Gan Sze Fong
Mr Yuen Wen Jun



Our Best Unit Competition (BUC) Achievements

  • 2010 – 2017 (GOLD)

Highlight(s) of Activities

Junior Cadets (Secondary 1)

  • Affirmation Ceremony
  • Total Defence Badge (Bronze)
  • Camp FORGE (including Technical Handling for SAR21)
  • Basic Survival Programme
  • Proficiency Test
  • 1-star Kayaking Certification Course
  • Signature Program (Combat Skirmish)*

Senior Cadets (Secondary 2)

  • Proficiency Badge Test
  • Total Defence Badge (Silver)
  • Camp STEEL
  • 2-star Kayaking Certification Course
  • Orienteering Badge Test
  • Technical Handling & Individual Marksmanship Training (SAR21)
  • Precision Drills Course
  • Freestyle Drills Course
  • Basic First Aid Course
  • Orienteering Competition
  • Shooting Competition (IMT)
  • Signature Program (NCC NCHS Survival Course)*

Cadet Leaders and Senior Cadet Leaders (Secondary 3, 4 & 5)

  • Specialist Course
  • Senior Specialist Course
  • Total Defence Badge Test (Gold)
  • Technical Handling, Individual Marksmanship Training and Live Range (SAR21)
  • Mount Ophir Adventure Programme
  • Annual Kayaking Expedition
  • Advanced Drills Course
  • Precision Drills Instructor Course
  • Freestyle Drills Instructor Course
  • Shooting Competition (Live Range)
  • International Cadet Exchange Programmes
  • National Day Parade
  • Basic Diving Course
  • Basic Airborne Course
  • Cadet Officer Course
  • International Cadet Exchange Program (ICEP) – selected student


CCA Description

  1. The Singapore National Cadet Corps is a world-class organization that nurtures responsible, resilient and resourceful cadets to become successful citizens. We are thinking and learning team driven by our Core Values.

CCA Objectives

Cadet Strong framework: Strong Body, Resilient Mind and Committed Heart, and embodying our organisation’s strategic thrusts of Leadership, Fitness and Commitment to Singapore.