To enhance teaching and learning through e-pedagogy and personalising students’ learning experience, we will progressively roll out the use of personal learning devices to all secondary schools from June 2020.

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ICT Applications as part of National Digital Literacy Programme


As part of the NDLP, schools will progressively roll out ICT applications that will be vital to students’ learning experience and educational journey.

The school will need to use your child/ward’s personal data such as his/her name and class to set up user accounts.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on the collection of data via these applications.

In the following months, MOE will roll out some or all of the following applications

Student iCON

MOE will give every secondary school student an email address. This is a service provided by Google as part of Google Suite.

Microsoft 365

Every Secondary School will be granted a license to use Microsoft Office tools that include Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


MOE will set up Zoom free account with 40 min time limit using Student iCON for the schools’ video conferencing needs.

 Device Management Application (DMA)


Please note that when you purchase a PLD, the PLD will be pre-installed with a Device Management Application (DMA). The DMA has a variety of functions that will support the use of the PLD in the classroom, as well as safeguard students’ cyber-wellness. The DMA has 3 main components

Classroom Management Service

This enables teachers to actively monitor and control the student’s use of the PLD during lesson time to improve student management and deliver effective teaching.

Mobile Device Management Service

This facilitates the remote deployment of teaching and learning applications and comes with security patches. Schools may also leverage on the Mobile Device Management Service to install the school’s teaching and learning resources.

Usage Management Service

This addresses stress to the student’s eyes from prolonged use and cyber wellness concerns, such as excessive and inappropriate use of the PLD.

  Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child/ward’s data be used in the DMA ?

The Device Management Application (DMA) which will be installed in your child/ward’s PLD collects data on usage by the student, such as the amount of time spent on each application. The DMA data will only be used for MOE’s cyber-wellness measures and technical troubleshooting. MOE will not disclose the data to any person otherwise than permitted under the law.

Where will the data collected by DMA and IT Applications for NDLP be stored?

All user data which is collected by MOE will be stored in secure servers managed by the respective vendors of our systems. The Government has put in place strong personal data protection laws and policies to safeguard sensitive data collected by public agencies such as MOE. Please refer to this website for more information on these laws and policies:


How will my child/ward’s data be used in the ICT Applications?

For the ICT Applications (student iCON, Microsoft ProPlus and Zoom), the school will use your child/ward’s personal data such as his/her name, birth certificate number and class to set up user accounts. This data will also be used for the purposes of authenticating and verifying user identity, troubleshooting and facilitating system improvements. In addition, the commercial providers of these platforms (e.g. Google, Microsoft) will collect and deal with user data generated by your child/ward’s use of these applications. The collection use and disclosure of such data are governed by the commercial provider’s terms of use, which can be found here:


Where can I find the full terms of purchase of the PLD?

Parents/guardians will be purchasing the PLD directly from the vendor, not MOE. This is pursuant to a bulk tender agreement between MOE and the vendor. The tender documents set out the full terms and conditions of such a purchase, and can be found at this website: