Friday, 2.45pm – 6.00pm
IT Resource Room 1
Mr Goh Khan Sen
Mr Lee Yong Teck Larry



  1. East Zone Robotics Challenge : clinched first, second and third positions
  2. Organised the WordlRobo Tournament
  3. International Cyberfair Competition – clinched the Silver Award
  4. East Zone Robotics Challenge : clinched first, second and third positions
  5. Organised the WordlRobo Tournament
  6. See Hong Jun(1A), Xavier Hioe Yi Jun(1F) and Lum Rui Qian(3A)
    have done themselves and the school proud by clinching the “Best Shieldbot Design” in a recent Robotics event organised by IDA

Highlight(s) of Activities

  1. 70 hours of robotics programming and building training by Professional Robotics Instructor
  2. Eco-Challenge organized by e Hydroinformatics Society (Singapore) & the Serious Games    Association (Singapore) (Jan to Feb)
  3. First LEGO League organised by Singapore Science Centre (Feb)
  4. Underwater Robotics Olympiad organised by Republic Polytechnic (May)
  5. WorldRobo Tournament (WRT) organized by Tribal Studioz (Jun)
  6. East Zone Robotics Challenge organised by Victoria Junior College (Aug – Sep)


CCA Description

  1. Students learn the basics of building and programming miniature robots using LEGO MINDSTORM (a very high level language) under the instructions of a capable robotics trainer.
  2. Students who have the potential to excel will be selected to take part in national competitions and will undergo further intensive training so that they can win the national competitions.
  3. Members will also have physical activities every month to maintain their physical health and fitness and also to break the usual training routine.

CCA Objectives

  1. Robotics Club aims to train students who have the passion to excel in building and programming miniature robots to take part in National competitions.
  2. Adding to that the club promotes team spirit, leadership skills and event organising skills.