Friday, 3.00pm – 5.00pm
IT Resource Room 1
Mr Goh Khan Sen
Mr Chan Yook Mun



Clinched the best design award in the Innovation, Design and Engineering Challenge in Mar 2017
Clinched the 4th and 7th place in the MechWars in the Innovation, Design and Engineering Challenge in Mar 2018
Clinched the 2nd place in Robotics Challenge, 2nd, 3rd and 5th places in IDE MechWar Challenge in the Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Robotics Competition (21 Mar 2019)

Highlight(s) of Activities

– Undergo 96 hours of robotics programming and building training by Professional Robotics Instructor (whole year)
– Participated in Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) 2019 organized by Nullspace (Mar)
– Participated in Underwater Robotics Olympiad organised by Republic Polytechnic (May)

– Participate in Asia-Pacific Youth Robotics Competition organised by In3Labs (Jul)
– Participate in East Zone Robotics Challenge organised by Victoria Junior College (Aug)
– Participate in Singapore Tech Challenge organized by by Nanyang Polytechnic (Sep)
– Robotics Camp in Oct/Nov 2019


CCA Description

Students learn the basics of building and programming miniature robots (EV3) using LEGO MINDSTORM (a very high level language) as well as Arduino programming (SKETCH) under the instructions of a robotics instructor. Students who have the potential to excel will be selected to undergo further intensive training to prepare them to take part in and win zonal or national competitions. Members will also have physical activities to maintain their physical health and fitness and also to break the usual training routine.

CCA Objectives

Robotics Club aims to train students who have the passion to excel in building and programming miniature robots to take part in National competitions.
It aims at promoting problem-solving skills, team spirit, leadership skills and event organising skills.