Program Goal

The camp aims to develop student who embody the 4Cs – Confident, Compassionate, Courageous and Competent



The Secondary 3 leadership camp aims to develop students that embody the 4Cs – Confident, Compassionate, Courageous and Competent – honing students’ leadership potential in leading, serving and inspiring others. The school motto and values of NCHS will be the cornerstones of students’ pursuit to be a 4C leader.


  • To foster a strong class spirit with your new class.
  • To build courage by Stepping OUT of your comfort zone.
  • To develop resilience by embracing the challenges.
  • To acquire 4C Leadership skills by Stepping UP to lead.
  • To develop an appreciation for nature and the outdoors.
  • To complement their pursuit for NYAA Silver award

Organisation Chart

Appointment / PositionName
Camp AdvisorsMs. Siau Fong Fui (Principal)

Mr Ng Teo Heng (Safety)

Mdm Chow Nyet Yoon (Admin)

Camp ChairmanMr Yeo Yew Yong (HOD PE/CCA)
Camp CommandantMr Raffi Buang (SH PE/CCA)
Camp 2ICsMr. Aw Si Kuan (Programme)

Ms Alison Tan (Admin)

Programme TeamMr. Raffi Buang

Mr Aw Si Kuan

Ms Chney Chen (Assistant Yearhead-Sec 3)

Admin Manager + Command PostMs Norwadiana Ahmad (OIC)
Logistics ManagerMr Clarence Choo

Ms Vadanaa

Safety & First Aid ManagerMr Clarence Choo (Chief Safety Officer)

Mr Aw Si Kuan(Asst Chief Safety Officer )

CARE TeamMs. Chney (Year Head)

Ms Joanna (School Counsellor)

Mdm Pey Siew Mei

MultimediaMr Aizuddin

Emergency Contact Details

In case of Emergencies, parents can reach us by calling the following numbers

  1. Nan Chiau High School General Office (9AM – 5PM) : +65 64897971
  2. Mr Raffi Buang – SH PE (5PM – 9AM) : +65 96892656
  3. Mr Yeo Yew Yong – HOD PE (5PM – 9AM) : +65 98522423


Camp Registration

Dear Sec 2 Students,

As part school’s Student Leadership Development Programme, there will be a compulsory Sec 3 Cultural Immersion and Leadership Camp next year. This camp will be held in Kota Tinggi in Malaysia on 29th Jan to 1st Feb, It is a 4 Days 2 Nights Camp. More details with regard to the camp will be briefed to students and parents in January 2019.

As part of school’s preparation for the camp, we would like to collect some information regarding to your passports, dietary requirement and any medical conditions through the link below .

Please have your passport with you when filling up the form. We would appreciate if you do so by 23 November.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Raffi at 64897971 ext 127 or email!/forms/moe/5be5774ea30e75000f928f4e

Secondary 3 Camp Packing List

Things to bringQuantityRemarks
(A) Important Documents
Passport (6 months validity)1Will collect on 28th Jan (Mon)
Visa (Photocopied)To be submitted beforehand
(B) Clothing/Shoes
School Blue Polo T-shirt1 to 2Wear on first day of camp (from Singapore to Malaysia) and last day of camp (from Malaysia to Singapore)
Camp T-shirt1Wear before start of campfire on last night of camp
PE T-shirt/ School-based ShirtMinimum 4 setsAt least one dark coloured shirt for water activities
PE/Sports ShortsMinimum 4 setsMust be black or blue. No high slit shorts
Track Pants1For Outdoor Activity
SocksMinimum 3 pairs
Sports Shoes/School Shoes1 pair
Water-based shoes1 pairSchool shoes is not allowed for water activities
Slippers1 pairFor Shower Only
Jacket/SweaterOptionalNight Use
(C) Tolietries
Body Wash/SoapSufficient
Facial FoamSufficient
Face Towel1
Bath towel1
Tissue/Wet TissueSufficient
Prickly Heat PowderOptional
Female Sanitary ProductsIf necessaryFor girls only
Black/Dark blue hair accessoriesSufficientFor girls only
(D) Day Pack
Small Bagpack1
Torchlight1With Extra Batteries
1.5L Water Bottle1
Insect Repellent1
Pen and Notebook1 set
Watch (Water Resistant)Recommended
Personal MedicationIf necessary
(E) Others
Spectacle band1(Water Activity) for students wearing specs
Utensils (Plate, mug, fork & spoon)1 setDisposable utensils are not allowed.
Rag1For Cleaning
Sleeping Bag1
Plastic BagsSufficientFor dirty and wet clothing

Emergency Medical Evacuation Flow Chart

To Be Announced Soon

Programme Itinerary

Date / Time3ABC3DEF3GHI
Day 0

29 Jan

0800 – 1600Team Bonding, MICEE Workshop (By FALCONS)
1600 – 1730Final Camp Briefing
Day 1

30 Jan

0630 – 1300Report to NCHS, Travel to MSIA, Tent Pitching, Lunch
1300 – 1700Quest 1Quest 2Quest 3
1700 – 2200Dinner, Reflection
Day 2

31 Jan

0800 – 1200Quest 3Quest 1Quest 2
1300 – 1700Quest 2Quest 3Quest 1
1700 – 1900Wash Up, Dinner
1900 – 2200Campfire
Day 3

1 Feb

0800 – 1200Finale
1200 – 1700Lunch, Travel back to SIN