World-ready learners with integrity and an inquiring mind.



To develop individuals with strong scientific foundation and research skills through cultivating passion and discipline.



  1. Mdm Ng Mui Hoon (HOD)
  2. Mdm Neewyn Neo (SH/ Biology)
  3. Mr Chan Yook Mun (LT/ Physics)
  4. Mr Tien Chee Wai (Chemistry)
  5. Mr Goh Khan Sen (Physics)
  6. Mdm Leow Shie Hui (Biology/Chemistry)
  7. Mdm Ainul Hani (Chemistry)
  8. Ms Nurhaida Bte Ramli (Chemistry)
  9. Mdm Chan Sock Cheng (Chemistry)
  10. Ms Goh Cui Ying (Physics / Chemistry)
  11. Ms Zheng Jiahui Esther (Biology)
  12. Mr Tai Chaw Keng (Physics)
  13. Mr Chua Wen Zhe (Chem/Physics)
  14. Mr Tan Siang Hwa (Physics)
  15. Mdm Lim Yee Thin (Physics)
  16. Ms Ng Kok Min (Physics)
  17. Ms Tan Jia Min Jasmine (Chemistry)
  18. Mr Gan Sze Fong (Physics)
  19. Ms Tan Yi Chiann (Chemistry)
  20. Mdm Nurul Ayn Abdul Razak(Biology)
  21. Ms Chen Xiao Wei (Chemistry)
  22. Mr Edwin Lum Yik Long (Chemistry/Biology)
  23. Mr Chua Kai Siang (AED Chemistry)
  24. Liow Kwok Bin


  1. To sustain value-added results in National Examinations;
  2. To cultivate, nurture and maximize students’ potential and passion in Science through a differentiated Programme;
  3. To build a culture of collaborative and trust among teachers;
  4. To create a conducive environment which allows teachers to innovate and grow professionally;
  5. To promote the inter-dependence of Science and other disciplines;
  6. To infuse Thinking, NE and IT into the Teaching of Science


Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

The Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) is a Physics competition organised by the Institute of Physics Singapore and is catered to secondary school students. This is an annual competition to encourage the study and appreciation of Physics among all secondary school students. In addition, it is also a competition to highlight Physics talents and also as part of the process to identify students for early training for the IPhO (International Physics Olympiad).

NUS Physics Enrichment Camp

The Physics Enrichment Camp is an annual camp for secondary and junior college-level students, jointly organised by the NUS Physics Department and the NUS Physics Society, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

The camp primarily aims to instil an interest in and appreciation of Physics amongst the students through providing a highly interactive and wonderful learning experience.

Students will be exposed to various exciting aspects of physics through a series of activities including interesting lectures, tours of cutting-edge research facilities and hands-on demonstrations.