World-ready learners with integrity and an inquiring mind.



To develop individuals with strong scientific foundation and research skills through cultivating passion and discipline.



Mdm Ng Mui Hoon (HOD)
Mdm Neewyn Neo (SSD)
Mr Chan Yook Mun (Lead Teacher/Physics)
Mr Tai Chaw Keng (Subject Head/Physics)
Mdm Edlyn Lee (Subject Head/Biology)
Mr Goh Khan Sen (Subject Head/Science Research)
Ms Foo Su Lyn (Biology)
Mr Chen Yingjie Jason (Biology)
Mr Tien Chee Wai (Chemistry)
Mdm Ainul Hani (Chemistry)
Mdm Leow Shie Hui (Chemistry)
Ms Nurhaida Bte Ramli (Chemistry)
Ms Chen Xiaowei (Chemistry)
Mr Esmond Tay(Physics)
Mr Liow Kwok Bin (Physics)
Mr Gan Sze Fong (Physics)
Mdm Yee May May (TSO)
Mdm Lim Zhenyi Crystal (TSO)


  1. Nurture the student as an inquirer when s/he is curious about and want to explore the things around her/him.
  2. Allow students to have joyful learning in science and value science as an important tool in helping them to explore their natural and physical world.
  3. Cultivate scientific literacy in students where they are equipped with skills to use scientific knowledge to understand and make decisions about the natural world.


Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Lower Secondary ALP is a platform which provides real-life applications learning using Arduino programming for students as well as for them to develop science research skills. In Sec 1, students embark on basic ALP where they acquire the basic research skills in building a recombinant plasmid. In Sec 2, students will advance their ALP learning in the field of electronics in health sciences.

Singapore Junior Olympiads

The students are encouraged to participate in the Olympiads in the different disciplines, i.e. Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The annual Olympiads encourage the study and appreciation of science beyond the school curriculum by providing opportunities for student to solve novel questions that require critical and inventive thinking. These platforms are very useful for students to challenge themselves in the scientific knowledge and skills and it also seeks to promote the excitement of learning and doing the different experiments in science.