Tuesday, 3.00pm – 6.00pm
ART Room
Mdm Angie Ngo
Mdm Rafiqah
Ms Song Song I



  1. SYF 2018 Art Exhibition – Certificate of Recognition & Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)
  2. Young Illustrator Awards 2018 – Top 6 Finalist
  3. Sovereign Students’ Art Prize competition 2017 – First Prize
  4. HMPS-UNAS Art competition – First Prize
  5. SYF 2016 Art Exhibition – Certificate of Recognition
  6. Anti-Drug Art Competition 2016 – First Prize & Commendations
  7. SIA Art Competition 2015 – First Prize, 3rd Runner-up and Merits
  8. My Journey, My Home EZ link Art competition 2015 – Top 20 best
  9. My Dream Bus 2015 – First Prize

Highlight(s) of Activities

Ceramic workshop
Watercolour painting
Batik painting
Cyanotype workshop
Charcoal and chalk workshop
Animation workshop
Art & Science of Artwork Conservation talks by National Gallery of Singapore
Art Exhibition at Sengkang West 12th Anniversary and Fernvale CC Ground breaking Ceremony
Art Learning Journeys
Art competitions
CCA camp
Aesthetics week


CCA Description

  1. Visual Arts Club offers students with interest in visual arts to come together and learn about art.
  2. The Visual Arts Club creates a platform for students to showcase their talent and expand their knowledge in art and art-making through different mediums, including ceramics, painting, illustration, digital art, charcoal and chalk, sculpture, printmaking and etc.
  3. Students also partake on field trips to museums to look at art exhibitions which help them to build appreciation and awareness of art around them.

CCA Objectives

  1. To provide opportunities for students to be exposed to new techniques and medium of art through hands-on activities and visitation to museums, exhibitions and Artists’ sharing.
  2. To encourage students to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity through the various visual art forms from two dimensions to three dimensions.
  3. To encourage pupils to participate and excel in competitions.