Tuesday, 3.00pm – 6.00pm
ART Room
Mdm Angie Ngo
Mdm Rafiqah



– 3 Designs shortlisted in Top 20 ‘Pink Dolphin Refresh the Label’ Competition – Junior Category
– SYF 2018 Art Exhibition – Certificate of Recognition & Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)
– Young Illustrator Awards 2018 – Top 6 Finalist
– Sovereign Students’ Art Prize competition 2017 – First Prize
– HMPS-UNAS Art competition – First Prize
– SYF 2016 Art Exhibition – Certificate of Recognition
– Anti-Drug Art Competition 2016 – First Prize & Commendations
– SIA Art Competition 2015 – First Prize, 3rd Runner-up and Merits
– My Journey, My Home EZ link Art competition 2015 – Top 20 best
– My Dream Bus 2015 – First Prize

Highlight(s) of Activities

– “SAP40” Commissioned artwork.
– Ceramic workshop
– Watercolour painting
– Batik painting
– Cyanotype workshop
– Charcoal and chalk workshop
– Animation workshop
– Art & Science of Artwork Conservation talks by National Gallery of Singapore
– Art Exhibition at Sengkang West 12th Anniversary and Fernvale CC Ground breaking Ceremony
– Art Learning Journeys
– Art competitions
– CCA camp
– Aesthetics week


CCA Description

– The Visual Arts Club offers students with interest in visual arts to come together and learn about art.
– The Visual Arts Club creates a platform for students to showcase their talent and expand their knowledge in art and art-making through different mediums, including ceramics, painting, illustration, digital art, charcoal and chalk, sculpture, printmaking and etc.
– Students also partake on field trips to museums to look at art exhibitions which help them to build appreciation and awareness of art around them.

CCA Objectives

– To provide opportunities for students to be exposed to new techniques and medium of art through hands-on activities and visitation to museums, exhibitions and Artists’ sharing.
– To encourage students to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity through the various visual art forms from two dimensions to three dimensions.
– To encourage pupils to participate and excel in competitions.